Salt-pickled blossoms in hot water are called sakurayu, and drunk at festive events like weddings instead of green tea. Yet, preserving the blossoms in sugar is a different, much rarer method that adds its own special flavour to the tea. The making of sweet sakura takes long hours, attention to the flowers not to get broken and to preserve them properly.

Steeping sakura tea is a unique experience. While the petals open up floating in hot water, their exquisite beauty slowly unravels. The tea is sweet but still slightly salty, the scent of the flowers pervade the air around. 

In one cup, steep 1 large or 2 smaller blossoms in 160 degrees water for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, use a spoon to transfer the steeped blossoms to a new cup. Leave the cup containing the first steep aside. Fill the second cup with hot water, then enjoy this tea.

Net Weight: 40g


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