ALPHA Grain Beet Root

• Rich in antioxidants, which can inhibit the formation of prostate cancer and breast cancer tumors.

• Can prevent anemia, anti-tumor, prevent high blood pressure, Alzheimer's disease.

• Beetroot is rich in high-quality iron and vitamin B12.

• Promote the healthy development of children's bones.

ALPHA 穀物甜菜根

• 有一种甜菜紅素富含抗氧化物,可以抑制攝護腺癌及乳癌細胞腫瘤的生成。

• 可以预防贫血,抗肿瘤,防止高血压、老年痴呆症的作用。

• 甜菜根富含優質的鐵和維生素B12。

• 促进小孩子骨骼的健康发育。

• 补血养颜,想要保持年轻貌美吗?甜菜根绝对是美女们的首选哦

Instructions for use:

Mix 2 Scoops of Alpha Grains with a cup 200ml of warm water. Stir until the powder is completely dissolved and consume immediately. The taste is better if brew with a shaker.


将2匙的Alpha Grains谷粮与一杯200ml的温水混合。 搅拌直至粉末完全溶解并立即食用。如用摇摇杯冲泡,口感更佳。


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