ALPHA Black Fungus

• It can control and lower cholesterol and control the concentration of blood sugar.

• Rich in dietary fiber, protein and iron.

• Maintain cardiovascular health, stabilize blood sugar, prevent thrombosis, fullness can help weight loss.

ALPHA 榖物黑木耳

• 可控制与降低膽固醇、控制血糖的浓度。

• 豐富膳食纖維,蛋白質及鐵質等。

• 保養心血管健康、穩定血糖、預防血栓和具飽足感能幫助減重。

Instructions for use:

Mix 2 Scoops of Alpha Grains with a cup 200ml of warm water. Stir until the powder is completely dissolved and consume immediately. The taste is better if brew with a shaker.


将2匙的Alpha Grains谷粮与一杯200ml的温水混合。 搅拌直至粉末完全溶解并立即食用。如用摇摇杯冲泡,口感更佳。


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