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Hinode Ryorishu Cooking Sake is used in Japanese dishes that are processed by means of nimono (boiling with soy sauce and dashi) and blends for various sauces, such as sauce for kabayaki (tare), sauce for soba (soba-tsuyu), sauce for tempura (tentsuyu) and teriyaki sauce.

Fermented glutinous rice brewed cooking wine which is used for various Japanese dishes such as teriyaki, yakiniku, yakitori, sukiyaki, sushi, etc ... Can also be used to remove the fishy smell from fish & meat ..

The aroma and taste served can provide luxury for food lovers. Japan. Composition: glutinous rice, water, glucose, ethanol, yeast rice Details: - BPOM RI - Good for storage at normal room temperature - Seal packaging, neat & hygienic - NON HALAL Contains Alcohol

Ryorishu is a type of sauce made especially for cooking.

It is often used in marinades for meat and fish to make them more tender, as well as to mask their smell. In cooking, it is often used to add body and flavour to tsuyu (soup stock) and sauces, or to make nimono (simmered dishes) and yakimono (grilled dishes).