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Bio Kitchen is the name of our premium range of organic and biodynamic staple foods in clear glass jars which are naturally sweet and full of flavour. No need to soak.

Ingredients: Chickpeas*, water, sea salt.
*organically grown and from controlled bio-dynamic farming

May contain traces of soy

Product weight: 350g

How To Use

Make houmous, roast with spices, use it in salads, soups, grain dishes or make falafel.

Organic white beans in water and organic tomato concentrate.

Organic, low fat, source of protein, vegan, gluten-free and 100% delicious!

Delivered in BPA free tins, these little legumes are just as good for the planet as for your health.

Organic mixed beans (red kidney beans, cannellini beans, butter beans, chick peas) simply in water!

Beans are a phenomenal superfood, combining nutrition with minerals and releasing energy slowly, making you feel fuller for longer.

All Mr. Organic food is made with organically grown ingredients and love for our planet.

Organic Cannellini Beans in Water.

Organic cannellini beans are an Italian classic. A smaller bean and quite flat, they’re used in heaps of Italian dishes like minestrone soups, salads and casseroles. They add a nutty, mild taste and are high in fibre and virtually free of fat.