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Coconut paste or 'Kerisik' is toasted coconut that is pounded or blended into a paste which is then used as an ingredient in Asian recipes to thicken or add richness to sauces, gravies and curries.


  • Contains all essential amino acids
  • Low glycemic index
  • Rich source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Has beneficial living enzymes as a raw sugar
  • Being a whole food and unrefined sweetener
  • Not chemically treated or processed
  • Contains no additives or preservatives
  • Tastes amazing

Bragg® Liquid Aminos is an umami-packed, gluten-free liquid seasoning made from non-GMO verified soybeans. It delivers essential amino acids and is a perfect alternative to soy sauce.

How to use

Soy good.
This irresistible seasoning is as flexible as it is delicious.

  • Make sure to refrigerate and shake after opening.
  • Liquid Aminos can be used as a stand-in for soy sauce.
  • Use as seasoning at the table or add a splash during cooking.

This is a natural brewed soy sauce made using 100% domestic organic soybeans and wheat and fermented and matured over time.

The characters for the Japanese word "yuki", meaning organic, can also be interpreted as, "time needs to be given". It is said that Japanese organic food began with the idea that "no lives exist without time".

At Daitoku Shoyu, they don't shorten their brewing process by adding cultivated micro-organisms or through heating. They protect and will never change the traditional manufacturing / natural brewing method that allows the micro-organisms that settle in the beverage to help create a soy sauce with the seasons. This comes from their belief that true soy sauce is created by microorganisms that are favored by the climate of their region with their own pace of life.