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Organic 5 Color Beans is an excellent addition to your family meals. Mamami 5 color beans can be used in recipe blend with vegetable & soup for delicious culinarians.

These selection of beans provide a good balanced diet, suppling a healthy dose of Protein, Dietary Fiber, Sodium and Iron.

It is also an excellent source of energy, keeping you active and alert all day long!

Mamami's Organic 5 Color Beans contains:

Adzuki Bean

Mung Bean

Pinto Bean

Black Bean

White Kidney

Product of: Dalian

Organic 10 Color Beans comprises a healthy mix of some of the most nutritious beans. These organic beans are specifically selected to provide you with all the nutritious required on a daily basis. It is the perfect dish for your family - providing all they need for the day!

Ingredients : Green Lentils, Yellow & Red Lentils, Mung Bean, Adzuki Bean, Black Bean, Black Eye Bean, Pinto Bean, Red & White Kidney Bean

Product of: Dalian