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Kuzukiri is on of the Japanese traditional desserts that represent Japan's summer. It is originated in Kyoto, and you can find anywhere in Japan at Japanese style cafes or grocery stores today. The transparent noodles look very refreshing and make you cool down.

Kuzukiri is made from simple ingredients, water and kudzu powder. It is usually served with kuromitsu (black sugar syrup) as the noodles themselves don't have much taste. The texture is amazingly smooth, soft, and unique.

Inaniwa Udon is imported from Akita prefecture, Japan 
Inaniwa Udon is a thin type of Udon from Akita prefecture

How to cook Inaniwa Udon: Boil water in a large pot. Insert udon into pot at random so that noodles won't stick together, and stir lightly. Do not add additional water during the boiling process. Once the udon appear slightly transparent, quickly strain them and cool them with iced water.