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Yuzu is a type of citrus which is well known in Japan. The mild taste of yuzu juice mix with soy sauce are usually serve on salads and fresh vegetables.

Using the citron fruit juice, it is a luxury seasoned Ponzu. Squeezed taste round of citron, refreshing taste fragrant is characterized. Stylish Yuzu flavor convey seasonal fragrance, food will proceed. Cooked in water, hot water tofu, or as a dipping sauce of shabu, grilled fish, you can use in a variety of dishes throughout the year, such as tofu

La Rustichella Whole Black Truffle is definitely for those who want to personalize truffle cream in his own way. Grind the whole nose, adjust the salt and pepper and add it to extra virgin olive oil lightly sauteed with garlic. You can add a finely crushed butter and anchovies and that's it!

Summer truffle slices in olive oil are one of the finest products. Summer truffles are cut in slices, preserved in olive oil. Feel the aroma and scent of freshly harvested truffles throughout the whole year.

Suitable for: Garnishing, appetizers, first courses, meat, fish dishes, eggs, and pizza.

Best Ways to Use:

• We recommend using it with the hand-made pasta.
• Elegant garnish for main dishes such as sliced of Chianina beef, carpaccio of swordfish, and tuna.
• The slices can be used to enrich the classic margherita, white pizza made with mozzarella and mushrooms