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Aroma : Dark Roast with Sweet Notes

Body : Silky Deep Body with some bitterness

Flavor : Medium Balanced

Le Café Roast Master-Colombia is a dark roast with a medium balanced, silky body and a clean cup profile. Acidity levels and bitterness are medium, yielding bright and lively brew. Aromas tend towards citrus, fruits, and hints of spice. Unique Expresso style cup of freeze dried coffee from Colombia.

Aroma : Aromatic

Body : Full Bodied

Flavor : Roasted Brazilian

This exceptional blend of delicate slow roasted coffee beans from Brazil is well structured and sophisticated. The aroma is rich with low acidity and roasted notes which we "Rich Arabica". A truly unique & Brazilian Taste. Le Café Roast Master - Brazil has a slightly bright color with a touch of gold. It is processed using the most modern method of freeze drying.

Aroma : Mild & Fruity Aroma

Body : Mild Body from Papua New Guinea Arabica beans

Flavor : Fresh fruity aroma and relatively mild taste

A comfortably rich taste with high acidity and it's a pleasantly exotic taste & bright aroma profile. Le Café Roast Master- Papua New Guinea bursts with the smooth taste of dried fruits and notes of coffee. On the palate, it is medium sweet, ultra smooth and filled with the same subtle yet Arabica flavours that are found on the nose and tounge. Try this prefect freeze dried instant coffee.

Gensoen's specialty regular coffee is blended with rich instant coffee. Simply pour hot water anytime, anywhere in a coffee bag where you can easily enjoy the authentic aroma. Each single served Gensouen is individually packed from Japan to preserve the aroma of the coffee for a very long period.

Net Weight : 2g x 10pcs (20g)