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Panko is the Japanese version of bread crumbs. You can use the Panko when frying chicken, fish, vegetables or add extra crunch to your fried dishes with Nisshin Panko Bread Crumbs.

Panko has more flavor and crispness than traditional bread crumbs. It is slightly larger and coarse, jagged pieces of dried bread, as opposed to the normal bread crumbs that is small granules.

Panko is also lighter than Western bread crumbs, stay crispier longer, and contain fewer calories and salt. Because of their coarse shape, they also absorb less grease than Western bread crumbs, which helps to maintain their crispness. 

Most of Japan's kombu is harvested in Hokkaido, accounting for around 90% of all production. 

The sea ice that drifts over to Hokkaido from Siberia is rich in minerals and provides an environment that produces delicious kombu. 

The equipment in Japan used to sun dried kombu seaweed is sanitary, and the kombu is well-managed, thus making Japanese kombu especially popular.

A staple for anyone who yearns to remake maki sushi or onigiri at home. Ideal for everyday use, this nori seaweed has a unique, salty, umami-rich flavour that goes well with rice and noodle dishes. Wrap in rice, slice up and serve in a bowl of ramen, or tear up roughly and scatter over a donburi rice bowl.